CATIA V5R19 "单击确定终止的错误"

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There are several causes that could trigger CATIA crash or Click Ok To TerminateHere are some of them:

Corrupted CATsettings(CAT设置冲突)- this could be resolved by deleting the CATsettings or use your good backed up CATsettings.

Unclean data(未清理的数据)- if you doing certain task on your part or assembly, CATIA crash on you. It is possible the data is not clean. So, use CATDUA utility to clean by going File- Desk. Now, right mouse click on the part and you will see CATDUA. Once you click on CATDUA, you click run to clean. See below screen shots.



CATDUA-clean window

 Missing recommended driver(缺少推荐的驱动程序)- assuming you have Dassault certified machines listed in their website. So, keep in mind to use the recommended driver listed in the web even if it’s not the latest driver.

Not supported workstation(不是支持的硬件环境)- Dassault System has a list of certified machines that they already tested which is highly recommended to use on their product applications. They already tested and they believe that all their application including CATIA will run at its best performance.

NOTE: If you want to get your custom build computer at your own risk. I would highly recommend that you pay attention, and get similar Graphic Adapter used on Dassault System certified machines. CATIA V5 is very sensitive and so picky when it gets to graphic adapter.

Memory limitation(内存不足)-  CATIA could crash on you if you are running multiple applications at once due to not enough memory which could give your click ok terminate. So, in this case try to close all application you don’t need, and make sure the process is not running for those closed apps because sometimes it may appear application closed but the process still running. Also, it is possible that you trying to load really large data or assembly which could cause to crash.

The above are some of the causes of CATIA crash or gives you click ok terminate error that I could think of for now. Hopefully, I will try to update this article if there are more.

 However, here is a tip how you can protect and retrieve the data you been working on before CATIA crash happen.

How to retrieve data after CATIA timed out OR CATIA crash(在CATIA退出以后如何恢复数据)?

Off course, it’s painful that you lose hours of work just because CATIA crash or timed out session. So, here is what you need to do on your CATIA session.

In your CATIA session, Go to CATIA tools options
on small windows popup, click General—General Tab
Enable (select automatic backup) and adjust the interval XX (time in minutes).

Basically CATIA will do automatic backup each XX minute for you while you working on your CATIA session. So, let say CATIA timed out because you were away from your computer or CATIA crashed on you after the XX minute. Next time you start CATIA, it will ask you “would you like to retrieve your unsaved data previously. If you say yes, CATIA will bring back your last unsaved data, otherwise you will lose it.

Click Ok terminate setup


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CATIA V5R19 "单击确定终止的错误"