Unity3D基础教程3-5:电影纹理(Movie Texture)

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Unity Manual > User Guide > Working with Assets > Movie Texture

Movie Textures are animated Textures that are created from a video file. By placing a video file in your project's Assets Folder, you can import the video to be used exactly as you would use a regular Texture.


Video files are imported via Apple QuickTime. Supported file types are what your QuickTime installation can play (usually .mov, .mpg, .mpeg, .mp4, .avi, .asf). On Windows movie importing requires Quicktime to be installed (download here).

视频文件被引入经由苹果公司的数字多媒体技术。支持文件的类型是你的多媒体技术安装的可播放的什么类型。(通常是 .mov, .mpg, .mpeg, .mp4, .avi, .asf)。在windows上的电影引入需要数字多媒体技术的安装(在这里下载)。

Properties 属性

The Movie Texture Inspector is very similar to the regular Texture Inspector.


Unity3D基础教程3-4:电影纹理(Movie Texture)
Video files are Movie Textures in Unity Unity里的视频文件是电影纹理。

Aniso Level

Aniso 级别

Increases Texture quality when viewing the texture at a steep angle. Good for floor and ground textures


Filtering Mode


Selects how the Texture is filtered when it gets stretched by 3D transformations




If enabled, the movie will loop when it finishes playing




Compression of the Ogg Theora video file. A higher value means higher quality, but larger file size

Ogg Theora格式的压缩的视频文件。高数值意味着高品质,但文件尺寸巨大。

Details 详细资料

When a video file is added to your Project, it will automatically be imported and converted to Ogg Theora format. Once your Movie Texture has been imported, you can attach it to any GameObject or Material, just like a regular Texture.

当一个视频文件被加入到你的项目,它将自动的被引入并转换成Ogg Theora格式。一旦你的电影纹理已经被引入,你可以附加它到任何 GameObject 或材料上,就像一个正常的纹理。

Playing the Movie 播放电影

Your Movie Texture will not play automatically when the game begins running. You must use a short script to tell it when to play.


// this line of code will make the Movie Texture begin playing 这行代码将使电影纹理开始播放

Attach the following script to toggle Movie playback when the space bar is pressed:


function Update () {
   if (Input.GetButtonDown ("Jump")) {
       if (renderer.material.mainTexture.isPlaying) {
        }else {

For more information about playing Movie Textures, see the Movie Texture Script Reference page

更多关于播放电影纹理的信息,查看 Movie Texture Script Reference 页。

Movie Audio 电影音频

When a Movie Texture is imported, the audio track accompanying the visuals are imported as well. This audio appears as an AudioClip child of the Movie Texture.


Unity3D基础教程3-4:电影纹理(Movie Texture)
The video's audio track appears as a child of the Movie Texture in the Project View


To play this audio, the Audio Clip must be attached to a GameObject, like any other Audio Clip. Drag the Audio Clip from the Project View onto any GameObject in the Scene or Hierarchy View. Usually, this will be the same GameObject that is showing the Movie. Then use audio.Play() to make the the movie's audio track play along with its video.


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