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Unity Manual > Advanced > Web Player Deployment


When building a Web Player, Unity automatically generates an HTML file next to the player data file. It contains the default HTML code to load the web player data file using both the Netscape plugin and ActiveX Control.


It is possible to further tweak and customize the generated HTML file to make it fit better with the containing site's design, to add more HTML content, etc. The following pages discuss the related subjects in depth:


*       HTML code to load Unity content  HTML代码装入Unity内容

*       Customizing the Unity Web Player loading screen  自定义Unity WEB播放器装入屏幕

*       Customizing the Unity Web Player's Behavior  自定义Unity WEB播放器行为

*       Unity Web Player and browser communication  Unity WEB播放器和浏览通信

*       Detecting the Unity Web Player using browser scripting  使用浏览脚本检测Unity WEB播放器

*       Publishing active content  发布活动内容

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