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Scene View is your interactive sandbox. You will use the Scene View to select and position environments, the player, the camera, enemies, and all other GameObjects. Maneuvering and manipulating objects within the Scene View are some of the most important functions in Unity, so it's important to be able to do them quickly. Here's how:


Hold the right mouse button to enter Flythrough mode. This turns your mouse and WASD keys into quick first-person view navigation.

按住鼠标右键进入飞越模式。这让你的鼠标和W A S D键进入快速第一人称视图导航。(在场景视图里)

Select any GameObject and press the F key. This will center the Scene View and pivot point on the selection.


Hold Alt and click-drag to orbit the camera around the current pivot point. If you're using three-button mouse you can also:


Hold Alt and middle click-drag to drag the Scene View camera around.


Hold Alt and right click-drag to zoom the Scene View. This is the same as scrolling with your mouse wheel.


Unity3D基础教程1:界面学习If you are using a one-button mouse, you might find more use in the Hand Tool (shortcut: Q). 如果你使用一键鼠标,你可能发现更多的使用手形工具(快捷键:Q)

Unity3D基础教程1:界面学习Hold Alt and click-drag to orbit. 按住Alt键及点击拖拽去旋转。

Unity3D基础教程1:界面学习Hold Command (Control on Windows) and click-drag to zoom.按住Command(windows log键在windows上)及点击拖拽去伸缩。(注:在windows上不如滚动鼠标滚轮)

Positioning GameObjects 定位游戏对象

When building your games, you'll place lots of different objects in your game world. To do this use the Transform Tools in the Toolbar to Translate, Rotate, and Scale individual GameObjects. Each has a corresponding Gizmo that appears around the selected GameObject in the Scene View. You can use the mouse and manipulate any Gizmo axis to alter the Transform Component of the GameObject, or you can type values directly into the number fields of the Transform Component in the Inspector.



While dragging any Gizmo Axis, you can hold the Command key (Control on Windows) to snap to increments defined in the Snap Settings.


You can change the Snap Settings from Edit->Snap Settings...

你可以从Edit->Snap Settings...(编辑->捕捉设置修改捕捉设置。

Click and drag in the center of the Gizmo to manipulate the object on all axes at once.


While dragging in the center, you can hold Command (Control on Windows) to snap the object to the intersection of any Collider. This makes precise positioning of objects incredibly fast.


If you have a three button mouse, you can click the middle button to adjust the last-adjusted axis (which turns yellow) without clicking directly on it.


Be careful when using the scaling tool, as non-uniform scales (e.g. 1,2,1) can cause unusual scaling of child objects.

当使用缩放工具时要小心,因为不均匀的缩放比例(例如 1,2,1)可以引起子对象不寻常的缩放。

For more information on transforming GameObjects, please view the Transform Component page.


The Gizmo Display Toggles are used to define the location of any Transform Gizmo.



Gizmo Display Toggles辅助工具显示切换

   ■     Position: 位置

   ■     Center will position the Gizmo at the center of the object's rendered bounds.

   ■   中心将定位辅助工具在对象渲染范围的中心。

   ■    Pivot will position the Gizmo at the actual pivot point of a Mesh.

   ■     枢轴支点将定位辅助工具在网格实际的枢轴点。

■       Rotation: 旋转

■       Local will keep the Gizmo's rotation relative to the object's.

■       本地将保持相对于对象的辅助工具的旋转。

■       Global will clamp the Gizmo to world space orientation.

■       全局将钳住辅助工具对整个空间定位。

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