Unity3D基础教程3-1:引入资产(Importing Assets)

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网格将被引入UV和预设材料 (每个UV的物质)的数量。 然后,你可以分配适当的纹理文件给材料并完成你的网格外表,在Unity的游戏引擎里。

Textures 纹理

Unity supports all image formats. Even when working with layered Photoshop files, they are imported without disturbing the Photoshop format. This allows you to work with a single texture file for a very care-free and streamlined experience.

Unity支持所有的图像格式。 甚至工作于分层的Photoshop文件,他们被引入并不扰乱Photoshop格式。 这使允许你与一个简单纹理文件一起工作为了非常无忧无虑和改进的经验。

You should make your textures in dimensions that are to the power of two (e.g. 32x32, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, etc.) Simply placing them in your project's Assets folder is sufficient, and they will appear in the Project View.


Once your texture has been imported, you should assign it to a Material. The material can then be applied to a mesh, Particle System, or GUI Texture. Using the Import Settings, it can also be converted to a Cubemap or Bumpmap for different types of applications in the game. For more information about importing textures, please read the Texture Component page.

一旦你的纹理已经导入,你应该把它分配给一个材料 。 这种材料可以应用到网格, 粒子系统 , 或 GUI 纹理 。 使用导入设置 ,也可以转换为凸起映射或凹陷映射为应用的不同类型在游戏里。 有关导入纹理信息,请阅读纹理组件页 。

Sounds 声音

Unity features support for two types of audio: Uncompressed Audio or Ogg Vorbis. Any type of audio file you import into your project will be converted to one of these formats.

Unity特性支持两种类型的音频: 压缩音频或 Ogg Vorbis。 任何类型的音频文件引入到你的项目将被转换为这些格式之一。

File Type Conversion文件类型转换


Converted to uncompressed audio on import, best for short sound effects.



Converted to uncompressed audio on import, best for short sound effects.



Converted to Ogg Vorbis on import, best for longer music tracks.

在引入时转换为Ogg Vorbis,更长的音乐曲目最好的


Compressed audio format, best for longer music tracks.


Import Settings 引入设置

If you are importing a file that is not already compressed as Ogg Vorbis, you have a number of options in the Import Settings of the Audio Clip. Select the Audio Clip in the Project View and edit the options in the Import Setting section of the Inspector. Here, you can compress the Clip into Ogg Vorbis format, force it into Mono or Stereo playback, and tweak other options. There are positives and negatives for both Ogg Vorbis and uncompressed audio. Each has its own ideal usage scenarios, and you generally should not use either one exclusively.

如果你要导入一个尚未为Ogg Vorbis的压缩文件,你有一些在音频剪辑的导入设置选项。在项目视图里选择音频剪辑和在检视器面板里的导入设置节里编辑选项。 在这里,你可以压缩成Ogg Vorbis格式的剪辑,强迫单声道或立体声播放它,调整其它选项。 都有正反两个Ogg Vorbis的和未压缩音频底片。 每一个都有自己的理想的使用方案,你一般不使用任何一个专用。

Read more about using Ogg Vorbis or Uncompressed audio on the Audio Clip Component Reference page.

了解更多有关使用Ogg Vorbis或未压缩音频在音频组件参考页面。

Once sound files are imported, they can be attached to any GameObject. The Audio file will create an Audio Source Component automatically when you drag it onto a GameObject.

一旦声音文件都是引入的,它们可以连接到任何GameObject。 音频文件将创建一个音频源组件,当自动拖动它到GameObject。

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Unity3D基础教程3-1:引入资产(Importing Assets)