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But because you are using a Prefab now, you can adjust the Prefab in seconds. Want to change the mass of all those instances? Adjust the Rigidbody in the Prefab only once. Want to use a different Material for all the instances? Drag the Material onto the Prefab only once. Want to change friction? Use a different Physic Material in the Prefab's collider. Want to add a Particle System to all those boxes? Add a child to the Prefab only once.


Instantiating rockets & explosions火箭和爆炸的初始化

Here's how Prefabs fit into this scenario: 现在是预制品如何融入到这个场景里:

  1. A rocket launcher instantiates a rocket Prefab when the user presses fire. The Prefab contains a mesh, Rigidbody, Collider, and a child GameObject that contains a trail particle system.


  1. The rocket impacts and instantiates an explosion Prefab. The explosion Prefab contains a Particle System, a light that fades out over time, and a script that applies damage to surrounding GameObjects.


While it would be possible to build a rocket GameObject completely from code, adding Components manually and setting properties, it is far easier to instantiate a Prefab. You can instantiate the rocket in just one line of code, no matter how complex the rocket's Prefab is. After instantiating the Prefab you can also modify any properties of the instantiated object (e.g. you can set the velocity of the rocket's Rigidbody).


Aside from being easier to use, you can update the prefab later on. So if you are building a rocket, you don't immediately have to add a Particle trail to it. You can do that later. As soon as you add the trail as a child GameObject to the Prefab, all your instantiated rockets will have particle trails. And lastly, you can quickly tweak the properties of the rocket Prefab in the Inspector, making it far easier to fine-tune your game.


This script shows how to launch a rocket using the Instantiate() function.


// Require the rocket to be a rigidbody.

// This way we the user can not assign a prefab without rigidbody

var rocket : Rigidbody;

var speed = 10.0;

function FireRocket () {

    var rocketClone : Rigidbody = Instantiate(rocket, transform.position, transform.rotation);

    rocketClone.velocity = transform.forward * speed;

    // You can also acccess other components / scripts of the clone



// Calls the fire method when holding down ctrl or mouse

function Update () {

    if (Input.GetButtonDown("Fire1")) {




Replacing a character with a ragdoll or wreck 取代一个拥有破碎的或损坏的飞船

Let's say you have a fully rigged enemy character and he dies. You could simply play a death animation on the character and disable all scripts that usually handle the enemy logic. You probably have to take care of removing several scripts, adding some custom logic to make sure that no one will continue attacking the dead enemy anymore, and other cleanup tasks.


A far better approach is to immediately delete the entire character and replace it with an instantiated wrecked prefab. This gives you a lot of flexibility. You could use a different material for the dead character, attach completely different scripts, spawn a Prefab containing the object broken into many pieces to simulate a shattered enemy, or simply instantiate a Prefab containing a version of the character.

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