Unity3D基础教程2-6:粒子系统(Particle Systems)

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Enabling Systematic will cause your particles to be spawned in your mesh's vertex order. The vertex order is set by your 3D modeling application.


Unity3D基础教程2-4:粒子系统(Particle Systems)
An MPE attached to a sphere with Systematic enabled 一个MPE附在一个开启系统性的球体上

Normal Velocity 正常速度

Normal Velocity controls the speed at which particles are emitted along the normal from where they are spawned.


For example, create a Mesh Particle System, use a cube mesh as the emitter, enable Interpolate Triangles, and set Normal Velocity Min and Max to 1. You will now see the particles emit from the faces of the cube in a straight line.


See Also 参阅

Hints (与上面相同)

  • Be careful of using many large particles. This can seriously hinder performance on low-level machines. Always try to use the minimum number of particles to attain an effect.
  • The Emit property works in conjunction with the AutoDestruct property of the Particle Animator. Through scripting, you can cease the emitter from emitting, and then AutoDestruct will automatically destroy the Particle System and the GameObject it is attached to.
  • MPEs can also be used to make glow from a lot of lamps placed in a scene. Simply make a mesh with one vertex in the center of each lamp, and build an MPE from that with a halo material. Great for evil sci-fi worlds.

Particle Animator 粒子动画

Particle Animators move your particles over time, you use them to apply wind, drag & color cycling to your particle systems.


Unity3D基础教程2-4:粒子系统(Particle Systems)
The Particle Animator Inspector 粒子动画检视面板

Properties 属性

Does Animate Color


If enabled, particles cycle their color over their lifetime.


Color Animation


The 5 colors particles go through. All particles cycle over this - if some have a shorter life span than others, they will animate faster.

5种颜色粒子通过。所有粒子循环- 若有一些粒子生命比其它的短,它们的动画更快。

World Rotation Axis


An optional world-space axis the particles rotate around. Use this to make advanced spell effects or give caustic bubbles some life.


Local Rotation Axis


An optional local-space axis the particles rotate around. Use this to make advanced spell effects or give caustic bubbles some life.


Size Grow


Use this to make particles grow in size over their lifetime. As randomized forces will spread your particles out, it is often nice to make them grow in size so they don't fall apart. Use this to make smoke rise upwards, to simulate wind, etc.

使用这个制造粒子增长大小超过它们的生命周期。作为随即力量将向外伸展你的粒子,通常使它们很好的增长尺寸不至于使它们下落崩溃。应用这个处理烟幕的上升,模拟风 等等。

Rnd Force


A random force added to particles every frame. Use this to make smoke become more alive.




The force being applied every frame to the particles, measure relative to the world.




How much particles are slowed every frame. A value of 1 gives no damping, while less makes them slow down.


Auto destruct


If enabled, the GameObject attached to the Particle Animator will be destroyed when all particles disappear.


Details 详细信息

Particle Animators allow your particle systems to be dynamic. They allow you to change the color of your particles, apply forces and rotation, and choose to destroy them when they are finished emitting. For more information about Particle Systems, reference Mesh Particle Emitters, Ellipsoid Particle Emitters, and Particle Renderers.

粒子动画允许你的粒子系统是动态的。它们允许你更改你的粒子的颜色,应用强制和旋转,和选择当它们发射完毕销毁它们。更多的关于粒子系统的信息,参见 网格粒子发射器椭球粒子发射器粒子渲染

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Unity3D基础教程2-6:粒子系统(Particle Systems)