Unity3D基础教程2-6:粒子系统(Particle Systems)

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Creating a new material is easy:


  1. Select Assets->Create Other->Material from the menu bar.
  2. 从菜单中选择 Assets->Create Other->Materia
  3. The Material has a shader popup, choose one of the shaders in the Particles group. Eg. Particles->Multiply.
  4. 材料着色弹出,在粒子群中选择一个着色,然后使用 Particles->Multiply.
  5. Now assign a Texture. The different shaders use the alpha channel of the textures slightly differently, but most of the time a value of black will make it invisible and white in the alpha channel will display it on screen.
  6. 现在分配一个纹理。同的着色器使用alpha通道的纹理略有不同,但大部分时间是将不可见的黑色和白色的alpha通道作将显示在屏幕上的值。

Distorting particles 扭曲粒子

By default particles are rendered billboarded. That is simple square sprites. This is good for smoke and explosions and most other particle effects.


Particles can be made to either stretch with the velocity. This is useful for sparks, lightning or laser beams. Length Scale and Velocity Scale affects how long the stretched particle will be.


Sorted Billboard can be used to make all particles sort by depth. Sometimes this is necessary, mostly when using Alpha Blended particle shaders. This can be expensive and should only be used if it really makes a quality difference when rendering.

排序揭示栏可以用于所有粒子深度排序。有时这是必须的。主要当使用Alpha Blended混合粒子着色。这可能是昂贵的,当真的作出质量方面的差别时渲染使用。

Animated textures 动画纹理

Particle Systems can be rendered with an animated tile texture. To use this feature, make the texture out of a grid of images. As the particles go through their life cycle, they will cycle through the images. This is good for adding more life to your particles, or making small rotating debris pieces.


Hints 提示

  • Use Particle Shaders with the Particle Renderer.


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Unity3D基础教程2-6:粒子系统(Particle Systems)