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And finally when four shadow cascades are used, the shadow distance is divided into four progressively larger portions. Hard shadows would look like this with four cascades:  最后,当4级联阴影使用,阴影的距离分为四个大的部分逐渐分化。硬阴影是这样的四个级联:

Hard shadows with distance of 50 and four cascades. Hey, we've seen this already!  50距离的硬阴影和4个级联。

With four cascades, four shadow textures cover different sized portions of viewing area. 利用4个级联,四个阴影纹理覆盖不同大小视图区域位置。

Shadow Distance is Important!  阴影距离很重要!

Shadow Distance is extremely important for both quality and performance of directional light shadows. Just like shadow cascade count, shadow distance can be set in Quality Settings and allows an easy way to scale shadows down on less performant hardware.   阴影距离是非常重要的对质量和阴影的定向光性能而言。就像阴影级联计数,在质量设置里可以设定阴影距离,并允许一个简单的方法来伸缩阴影向下在少高性能的硬件上。

Shadows fade out at the end of shadow distance, and further than that objects are not shadowed. In most situations shadows further than some distance in the game would not be noticeable anyway!  阴影淡出在阴影距离的末尾,并进一步比物体不带阴影。在大多数情况下的阴影比一些距离在游戏中明显不会失去!

With no shadow cascades, hard shadows and shadow distance set to 20 units our shadows look like picture below. Note that shadows do fade out in the distance, but at the same time shadow quality is much better than it was with no cascades and a distance of 50 units.  由于没有影子级联,硬阴影和阴影距离设置为20个单位的阴影看起来像下面的图片。请注意,阴影不消失在远方,但同时阴影质量明显优于它没有级联和50个单位的距离。


Hard shadows with distance of 20 and no cascades. 20的距离硬阴影而没有级联。

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