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Optimizing texture size 优化纹理大小

Often textures take up most space in the build. The first to do is to use compressed texture formats (DXT or PVRTC) where you can.


If that doesn't get the size down, try to reduce the size of the textures. The trick here is that you don't need to modfiy the actual source content. Simply select the texture in the Project view and set Max Texture Size in Import Settings. It is a good idea to zoom in on an object that uses the texture, then adjust the Max Texture Size until it starts looking worse in the Scene View.


Changing the Maximum Texture Size will not affect your texture asset, just its resolution in the game


How much memory does my texture take up? 我的纹理占去多少内存

Compression 压缩

Memory consumption 内存消耗

RGB Compressed DXT1

0.5 bpp (bytes/pixel)

RGBA Compressed DXT5

1 bpp

RGB 16bit

2 bpp

RGB 24bit

3 bpp

Alpha 8bit

1 bpp

RGBA 16bit

2 bpp

RGBA 32bit

4 bpp

To figure out total texture size: width * height * bpp. Add 33% if you have Mipmaps.

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